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Windows Live Writer

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Tools
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This blog post is kind of experimental and informational. I decided to try out Windows Live Writer which is a blog posting tool by Microsoft. It is meant to work seamlessly with most popular blogging engines, and gives you the nice rich UI experience as well as a few extra goodies. Let me run through some of the features.

Editing and Formatting

Formatting is done via the a pretty intuitive toolbar at the top. Most common layout features are available.


The three tabs at the bottom let you see the final result without having to post. This is a pretty neat feature.


What it does is download your theme from your blog, and then sets up an small render prototype for you. Also because you are working on your local machine, all rich copy and paste tooling works. This is great for images when coupled with the snipping tool that ships with Windows 7.

image The context menu on docked on the right gives you some nice formatting options for the currently selected element. For images it gives you some nice pixel effects like drop shadow and the regular suspect.


There are a couple of elements available to you:

  • Hyperlink
  • Picture
  • Photo Album
  • Table
  • Maps
  • Tags
  • Video

Plus an options to add some additional plugins. The maps looks interesting so I am going to give that a try.

Map picture

Not too sure I like the pushpin graphic, but hey it gets the job done and is pretty easy to do.

It also handles tagging an categories. All in all I would say pretty neat. Will be using it from now on I reckon.